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ccmcacollister ♡ 114 ( +1 | -1 )
LADIES and GENTLEMEN ! Ladies and Gentlemen . . . In a very pleasant addtion to the game, there now seem to be more ladies playing Chess than ever before, and playing more strongly than ever before. IS there a difference in the way the ladies and the gents play?
Stylistically? Approach to the game? Goals?
I've heard it said that Gents play competitively and Ladies play Cooperatively ?
Sometimes I feel like I am Cooperating with the opponent to produce an artistic
creation...perhaps thats what it means? But is it true or misconception? In no way do I imply that the ladies can't compete! I just mean as to how the game is viewed, is it really differently? Different purpose or reasons for playing perhaps?
What differences are there in general between the male and female game and outlooks, if any?
I personally am delighted that GK does have so many female players and even a
lady's team. And have enjoyed several very sporting games. And would certainly like to hear from some of them about their game and outlook. And perhaps they would like to hear what the guys think of it.

ctrl-reset ♡ 7 ( +1 | -1 )
:) ladies are kinder, more lethal and definitely more polite :)
ninjalord ♡ 96 ( +1 | -1 )
I play chess because I love the game. I'm very competitive, but I'm very polite and compliment opp's when they get the better of me. I love improving my game and learning about it. It has become more than a casual game for me. I take chess seriously and Like to learn of stronger opp's. I've played a couple af lady players and they are always nice and some like to talk.But so are most of the guys too. The ladies are definatly no weaker on the board than the men. I don't think there would be too much of a difference between the reasons males and females play chess, or the way we look at the game. I think it is either a casual game or a serious game, or a serious casual game ;) Maybe there is a difference the way we play. Like there is a difference in the way we think. Females are ment to have a better memory. Who knows. You would probably have to conduct a study on the styles of play to find it out. I may be totaly wrong, but this is what I think.

jeffreydot ♡ 150 ( +1 | -1 )
Well, I've been playing with two ladies who starting out were at the same level as myself, both of whom are as new to the game as myself. Now, a few months later, they are both high 1400's to mid 1500's, and I usually drift between 1270's to 1340's. My point is, both of these ladies have had the drive to improve their game, studying etc, while myself, though wanting to improve much, have progressed little [particularly since july]. This is why I enjoy playing these two, we teach eachother, and they take the time to think out great moves, more so than most people my level. I would like to attribute this particularly to their own characters, for they deserve it. However, being in the military, I have noticed that some women in a predominantly male society, feel as though they must prove that they are not only as good as everyone else, but better! Anyway, Im getting off point, I can't really say they both play in a particular strategy, for one prefers unorthidox openings and style etc, while the other tends to play more traditional and popular openings. I suppose you cannot really classify any gender to a particular style of gameplay or anything, for every moderate traditional player, there is a liberal unorthidox player, or an aggresive player a defensive. It seems to me a matter of personality, letting yourself reflect in the game! Thank you for reading, Im sorry if I blabbed too much.
ccmcacollister ♡ 26 ( +1 | -1 )
Well Viva La Difference.... for I think I've found one! After inviting an entire team and several individual ladies to comment. No takers. And few gents. So may we infer:
Ladies talk less in chess forums than laddies? or (B) They simply find my topic(s) more boring ?
muppyman ♡ 58 ( +1 | -1 )
I have heard that the main difference in outlook between males and females can be a matter of interpretation, (and I quote) If a man and a woman sit down to a meal which the man has cooked, and the lady says " Where did you get this meat?" he will answer, "from the butcher's or the supermarket, or the corner store. If they sit down to a meal the lady has cooked and the man says "Where did you get this meat?" she will answer "why? what's wrong with it? Apart from that it's all a mystery to me, all I know is that the lady players on this site perform with skill and tenacity and are worthy of their ratings.
naiad ♡ 120 ( +1 | -1 )
I can't say I've noticed (in my limited experience) any difference between the playing styles of men or women. I think it's more of a personality thing.
Speaking for myself I'll say that when I first started playing at this site I found myself spending ridiculous amounts of time here and that made me think that I should at least try to develop some level of competence in the game. I haven't been playing for very long but already I am hooked on the game - I love the synchronicity and balance that happens between the players, almost like a deadly dance. I love the pitting of wits against another mind and even in defeat I can truly say I admire a well played game simply for that strange kind of beauty it has.
I have an analytical mind and as jeffreydot said I have been methodically working to improve my game. Some of my methods include but are not limited to studying openings (LOVE thematic M/Ts!), practicing drills and puzzles, analysing finished games (preferrably with a more experienced player), referring to databases and seeking out much stronger opponents wherever possible.
I hope that was the female perspective you were seeking! :)